Download Client


   Mac OSX 10.8 or better
   Any intel Mac
   Two-button mouse
highly recomended
   Internet (Broadband recomended)

*Please also note the product requirements for any game you wish to purchase

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Install the Deliver2Mac client on your Mac and let it become your personal Mac games shopping assistant.

The Deliver2Mac client lets you buy games and manage your library in one handy place. Without having to leave the application you can download and install games, launch them, install updates, uninstall games, and read user manuals. You don’t even have to keep track of serial numbers anymore; the Deliver2Mac client handles that for you.

Deliver2Mac’s virtual storefront is also a handy place to download free demos, take advantage of special offers and bundles and view action-packed game trailers.

The Deliver2Mac client also lets you install each game on up to three Macs, with the flexibility to decide which computers get access to your games.

Ready to get started? Your personal Mac shopping assistant is waiting.